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My creativity was seeded at a very young age. From painting being my favourite activity in kindergarten, to doing crazy nail art and editing YouTube videos in primary school (don’t try searching me, the videos were too embarrassing to be kept public). I enjoyed producing art in all different forms and it was something that made me proud and happy.


Fast forward to my professional career, working at Jack McKinley Creative Agency, I’ve been fortunate enough to use my skills in social media managing and art direction and apply it to my part time work. Being driven and persistent is something that has abled me to work whilst finishing my studies at RMIT. There has been no greater lesson than being able to take what I learn in my tutorials and apply it to real life clients in a working environment. 


The things I enjoy most in life are making things that people can enjoy, food (specifically Fish Bowl) and socialising with friends and family whenever I can. I am my best self when my social battery is fuelled by being around people and nothing makes me happier than making a new friend. 

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Melbourne, Australia

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